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My Top 5 Tips To Get Moving in 2024

It is easier than you think

Stacy Weeks doing a hip work exercises on a reformer with her feet the straps.
You just have to start somewhere

Its that time of year when we feel a deep sense of change. That New Year New You phrase gets banded about and people join the gym only to cease going within 6 weeks! Have you done that? I certainly have.

You then feel like you've wasted your time, money or more, those heavy feelings affect your mindset and your movement. You fall back into old habits, a degree of self loathing and that old feeling of failure.

I too have travelled on the rinse and repeat diet and exercise train in the past. But I found the exit and a much better way to approach wellness.

Here are my top tips to help you reach your goals in 2024.

Tip #1 - Can you do it as quickly as making a sandwich?

We have the best intentions, but time is not on our side. Start small, it is far less overwhelming, research shows that starting with bite sized goals ensures we can keep doing them. Most of our problems lie in not forming productive habits, so I challenge you to time yourself making a sandwich or better still just allow 5-10 minutes 3 times a week and do this Pilates mat class with me.

Tip #2 - Give yourself permission to be S%£t

When we approach something from a position of acceptance, we are more likely to get better at it. So if you admit your bad at something like forming a habit, instantly we allow our self space to learn as a beginner. You also view failure as a positive in achieving what you want. The best book I read in 2021 was Failing Forward by John C Maxwell*. I highly recommend it.

"The essence of man is imperfection, Know that you’re going to make mistakes." - John C. Maxwell

Tip #3 - There's no good or bad

There's only too much. Stop demonising your food and mind your language. Talking trash to yourself or starving yourself of things you love, it is a recipe for disaster. You don't have to stop eating the things you love, and you must stop giving your body nicknames or putting yourself down. Try writing down 3 things you were grateful for in a journal everyday and see how much your mindset shifts towards yourself.

Tip #4 - Sort it out sooner not later

That niggle you think will go away, probably won't...sorry. Back pain, knee trouble or a niggly elbow could be the sign of something needing attention. We put it all off until we are injured or hurt and that will hit the pause button on your goals. So seek help and support from a professional and deal with it now, instead of struggling later.

Tip #5 - Choose something you enjoy

I've never been a gym fan, and I've never stuck to it. So if you hate cold water swimming, going to the gym, yoga or Zumba, DON'T DO THEM! Choose something you do enjoy, you will have a greater chance of succeeding in your goals if you choose something you love to do.

What are you waiting for...

As a retired dancer Pilates keeps my body flexible and moving well, but after being involved in two car accidents with some lasting challenges, it helps to keep my body feeling strong and ready to face whatever being over 44 has in store for me. It wasn't always like that, so I know how to help you. Get in touch here and let me help you on your movement and wellness journey.

Stacy Weeks teaching online in her St Merryn studio
I can't wait to help you reach your goals

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