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A Pilates exercise on a Wunda Chair


Hanging back on a Pilates Cadillac

Learn from a Fitness &

Wellness Expert

Featured in Good Housekeeping, Marie Claire, Stylist, Sunday Edit, The Independent, ITV & more

"The combination of detailed instructions, observation and feedback in classes is combined with great awareness of how to make staying healthy feel great!"

Dr T Wiggins

Pilates Client 

Don't hesitate to contact Stacy with any of your questions about classes or our plans and pricing. Begin your journey with me today.

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Stacy Weeks sitting in her studio

Empower Your

Step into a world of multi award-winning classes with Stacy Weeks, where each session is a blend of expert guidance, transformative technique, and a passionate commitment to excellence for you.

Mat Classes

Teaching a Pilates mat class with a happy client

Reformer Classes

Teaching a reformer Pilates class

Studio Sessions

A personal training session using Pilates apparatus
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