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A Pilates exercise on a Wunda Chair


Hanging back on a Pilates Cadillac

Learn from a Fitness &

Wellness Expert

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Empower Your

Step into a world of multi award-winning classes with Stacy Weeks Movement Specialist, where each session is a blend of expert guidance, transformative technique, and a passionate commitment to excellence for you.

Mat Classes

Teaching a Pilates mat class with a happy client

Reformer Classes

Teaching a reformer Pilates class

Studio Sessions

A personal training session using Pilates apparatus

Simple things like getting out of the car or a low chair are noticeably easier. We have more stamina and I am moving much better round an agility course with my dogs.

Vivienne Wells

Pilates For Life & Sport

The combination of detailed instructions, observation and feedback in classes is combined with great awareness of how to make staying healthy feel great!

Dr Trevor Wiggins

Pilates For Men

Honestly the best teacher you could possibly find. I've attended Stacy's mat classes for years but I am new to the reformer... having used it once I’m a complete convert!

Jen Marsh

Reformer & Matwork

Stacy is very experienced and has helped many of my patients continue their rehabilitation

Fiona Gerity

Physio Referrals

So fun to be in your class. I love how clearly you teach

Dr Kathrine McAleese


The classes have helped me so much, the foot and back pain I was experiencing have significantly reduced and my day to day movement is much easier.

Lizzie Faulks


Absolutely the best place for Pilates, in person or online

Cathy Withall


She shows her passion for Pilates and helping people in every class, highly recommend!

Matthew Rouse


Stacy is an excellent “Master” Pilates Instructor. I highly recommend giving Stacy’s Pilates classes a go.

Tracy Hart


Stacy can focus on specific sports and tailor exercises and movements to help raise your game whether that is golf, surfing, tennis, climbing, padel to name a few!

Chris Rea

Pilates For Sport

Stacy is a brilliant Pilates instructor. Highly recommend her classes to anyone as she caters to all abilities

Aine O'Donoghue


Highly recommend this to anyone wanting first class Pilates and biomechanics.

Lucie Corrie

Pilates For Sport

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